About Us

gymtimeWelcome to our site about muscle building, workouts and general gym stuff. We hope you find something of use on your visit today, and that you come back again soon. You can also say hello using our contact page too if you like. We like that – it makes us feel like the internet isn’t so big and unfriendly 🙂

So Who Are We?

Just a couple of average guys who go to the gym.

Well, OK, maybe not totally average. We both fall into the category of gym go’er that didn’t find it easy – you know, it wasn’t easy to get up and go, it wasn’t easy to keep going, it wasn’t easy to understand how the machines work, it wasn’t easy to understand all the what, where, when’s and why’s…

Although the more I talk to people who go to the gym or who are interested in building up their muscle, the I think that actually is the average – or even the vast majority!

We’re also both of that body type that doesn’t just ‘get ripped’ in a few months of going to the gym. That slimmer (I’m trying to avoid saying ‘skinny’) type of frame that seems to resist more than most any efforts to make it bulk up.

Which is why after a couple of years of marginal gains at the gym, we made a concerted effort to learn more about the science of building muscle. And it’s a much bigger topic than you might have ever thought or even cared to know.

It’s also pretty complicated.

But once you start piecing things together, the results that come from the gym time start to take on a while new life of their own. You get bigger, and you get bigger faster. And dare I say it, more easily too. Although ‘easy’ is a relative thing given how much time I’ve spent with my head in books or researching nutrition and anatomy on the internet!

So this site is a culmination of some of that effort. We’re putting together what we’ve found in our journey of getting fit and ‘ripped’ (I don’t personally use that term, but hey, ‘toned’ sounds a bit girly!).

Hopefully you’ll enjoy our journey with this site, and get the benefit from our research and findings along the way.

See you around the gym.