Crazy But Fun Ways To Squeeze Cardio In Wherever You Can

crazycardioSo running doesn’t do it for you and stationary machines are a bore. You see right past those fake bicycle circuit machines even with their video of scenery whizzing by on a nondescript highway. The desire to find interesting and enjoyable cardio is real — and it is closer than you think.

Imagine for a moment what you could accomplish if you were less worried about the criticism of others. Think back to the last time you were working out. Was there a person there being overly loud and grunting while they struggled doing their dumbbell only workout, be it a lot or a little?

You’re going to become that person, but for cardio. Trust me, it’ll be so much fun, you won’t even have time to think about all the people starring enviously at your workout routine. The secret to enjoyable and fun cardio is to sneak it in wherever you can — and to not care what other people think, after all, what do they know?!

Much like Mr. Miyagi, you need to find your cardio kung-fu. Cardio is everywhere, you just have to reach and grab it. Real quick though, let’s put forward a set description for what counts as a cardio exercise.

For our purposes, cardio will just mean exercises that are aerobic in nature that raise your heart rate. Simple, right? Now then, I want you stop reading this and do one burpee, or one jumping jack, or stand on one leg and hold your breath. Of course I’m serious, get to it!

Notice how your heart rate shot up from the sudden transition into a state of work. This feeling, the endorphins rushing in and the blood pumping ready for anything, is key to fun and active cardio kung-fu. This is your new life from here on out, excited?

When you’re at the gym, don’t casually walk from machine to machine on your circuit just blindly following your Golden Ratio training program; hop, skip, or dance to them. When you head to the water fountain for a drink, do a squat before each drink. When you’re showering off after a nice workout, bend down and touch your toes between each stage of the shower – why not?

When you’re at home and watching your favorite show, do a burpee or a jumping jack or a situp every time someone says some key word or phrase. If you’re into playing video games, every time you die, make a conscious choice to do something real quick. If you want to look cool for your friends, turn a “woohoo~” victory jump when you win into a burpee.

I understand how crazy this sounds, but you’re here because you crazy hate normal cardio routines. You want the benefits but can’t stand the monotony. I’m here to help with that, but you’ll need to discover what is fun for you. I have given you some tips to get your brain working, but this is all about you and what you are comfortable with (something you can sure expand if you let yourself).

And I’m not going to excuse you slim guys either. Cardio is about more than just fat burning, it also builds endurance and heart health too. So if you’re a skinny guy building muscle you’ve no excuse not to be doing this too.

Me personally? A lot of my free time goes toward reading and writing. If I want to open a new book I have to run around my house first. If I want to write something I have to catch my cat. In the rare event I want to do some “real cardio”, I have to fold laundry while doing push ups after each successful fold.

Yes it’s crazy, but it’s also crazy fun 🙂