The Adonis Golden Ratio Calculator

It’s fascinating but not only does the ‘golden ratio’ really exist – it massively affects how we see other people. And it all works totally subconsciously!

To be really blunt for a moment (apologies if this offends anyone!). But picture someone in good shape with a decent muscle build. Now put them side by side with someone who has poor muscle build and a lot of excess body fat. Cover up the heads. Now which one do you find more physically attractive?

The vast majority of people will favor the person with good muscle build who doesn’t have a lot of excess body fat.

Golden Ratio Proportions

This is NOT because we’re shallow people and simply equate fat people as being unattractive. It’s because we are hard-wired in our brains to find a certain body shape as more appealing.

There’s a very good reason for it.

It’s because like all creatures we have a fundamental need to continue our species. That ‘urge’ to procreate is also hard-wired, and comes with some rules. We naturally (and subconsciously) select a partner based on good genetic factors.

Someone who looks healthy is more likely to have good genes. Those are the genes we naturally want to add to our own, and pass on to our children. Makes sense right? We wouldn’t choose to give our kids bad genetics!

So that ‘physically fit’ appearance strongly feeds into our impression of a healthy individual with good genes.

As a result our brains determine this look is more attractive. And as science has determined, this ‘more attractive’ look – with a broader shoulders and chest with a narrow waist – can be defined mathematically as ‘golden ratio proportions’.

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Golden Ratio Measurements

So the meaning of this ‘adonis golden ratio’ boils down to a sort of ‘V shaped’ upper body. A narrow waist rising up to a broad chest and shoulders. (This does also apply to women).

And it’s really easy to measure this and determine how close your body shape is to this mathematical and genetically driven ideal.

The key figure, and the ratio itself is 1 to 1.618. It’s a ratio that’s actually widely used in architecture and art too, because it is naturally visually appealing to us. It’s also represented by the Greek letter ‘phi’.

How to measure/calculate your own golden ratio:-

  1. Measure your cirumference all the way around your chest at it’s widest point.
  2. Measure round your waist (not your hips, your waist is higher! – it’s the narrowest bit just above your navel)
  3. Divide your chest measurement by your waist measurement – yes, you’ll need a calculator for this

This waist to chest ratio will typically be one point something (unless you’re carrying a lot of extra weight). So, if for example your chest was 50″ and your waist was 32″, calculating your ratio would simply mean dividing 50 by 32 = 1.5625. That’s pretty close to the ‘ideal’ of 1.618 so would appear quite attractive to most people.

There’s also an ideal golden waist to height ratio too. This one is considered to be 0.447. So you divide your waist by your height (in inches) measurement. So if you were 5′ 10″ and had a waist of 32″ that would be pretty close to ideal (70″ / 32″ = 0.457).

Of course if you want to achieve these kind of ratios then you do need to be doing the right kind of exercises. The Adonis workout routine is specifically designed to target the body to achieve these results, so is a great place to start.