Adonis Golden Ratio For Women?

So we know there is a mathematical ‘golden ratio’ that is more appealing to the eye. It’s been used in art, and architecture, for hundreds of years. We also know it has a lot to do with attraction when a man’s body has that ‘magical’ ratio between waist and chest measurement – giving that strong ‘v’ shaped torso.

But what about an adonis golden ratio for women? Is there one?

Yes, there sure is :-). After all, most men would rate a woman with the classic ‘hourglass’ figure as more attractive. It all happens subconsciously.

But we can’t really call that an Adonis ratio because Adonis is a man (he’s the mortal lover of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite)! So we could maybe call it the Aphrodite ratio? Or just stick to golden ratio for women.

The Golden Ratio For a Woman’s Body

The mathematical ideal golden ratio number is 1.618. In men this is considered the most attractive ratio between waist and chest, i.e. the chest measurement is 1.618 times the waist measurement (there is even a workout routine targeting this ratio). But what is the ideal body size that we find most attractive in women?

Well that’s the exact question that was put to 80 participants in a scientific study1 to test this ratio out. There were 40 men and 40 woman in the study, and they were each asked to use a computer based image manipulation program to adjust a female body shape until they thought it looked the most attractive.

The results were really interesting.

If we divide the hip measurement by the waist measurement, the women came up with an average figure of 1.43, and the men a figure of 1.37. A very similar result.

If we then divide the chest by the waist measurement, the women came up with an average figure of 1.67, and the men 1.45. A bit of difference here with the women actually finding a narrower waist more attractive, but the men preferring a wider waist.

All the results however do indicate a woman with that curvy hourglass shape is considered more attractive – by both men and women!

It’s also interesting that these figures are not that far from the golden ideal of 1.618 either.

Golden Ratio Women’s Figure Calculator

To calculate your own ratio is really easy. Just follow what the study did above (men should use the calculator here):-

  1. Measure your hips, waist and chest.
  2. Divide your chest measurement by waist measurement.
  3. Divide your hips by waist.

You can then compare both of these figures to the ideal of 1.618. But bear in mind that in practice that real people tended to prefer a figure slightly less than this. So the golden ratio for a womans body measurements are probably somewhere in the range 1.3 to 1.5.

Interestingly, the makers of the adonis golden index fitness program for men which is based on this ratio now also provide a program specifically targeted to women, called the Venus Factor Program – click here to find out more.

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[1] Crossley KL, Cornelissen PL, Tovée MJ (2012) What Is an Attractive Body? Using an Interactive 3D Program to Create the Ideal Body for You and Your Partner. PLoS ONE 7(11): e50601.