Adonis Golden Ratio Workout Routine

I often get asked just what is in the actual Adonis Golden Ratio workout routine. So I thought I’d give you an idea of just what we mean by the Adonis Golden Ratio workout.

So first up you normally start by entering your dimensions – height, waist size etc, and then choosing which module you want to start with. There’s three main modules, so you can choose to focus on muscle gain, fat loss or a hybrid program of the two.

I should mention there’s also an Adonis Body calculator in there too, so you can see how you measure up to start with. And keep track of your progress.

In the video you can get a quick idea of what the Adonis Golden Ratio workouts actually look like. So under each training module it brings you to the actual 12-week training program. So you have a table of contents and it shows you ‘Week One Day One’, and you just jump to that and follow exactly what it says. You just go right in order, so you can see Week One Day One is legs and chest and the exact exercises you need to do that day. It’s a pretty basic workout, it tells you the sets, reps and how much rest to take inbetween. It’s that simple to use.

SIDENOTE: But what about women? Men and women are different of course, so different training approaches should apply. Read more about this in Adonis Golden Ratio For Women.

Of course you also need to know exactly how to do those exercises properly. No problem. The videos are built in to each module so they’re right there where you need them. You just play the short video for each exercise you need to learn how to do.

If you move along to another day, say Week Two Day One you can see this isn’t a whole lot different, but obviously some days are. Each day is carefully tailored to give you maximise results overall to achieve that adonis effect fast. So sometimes they slightly adjust. But there’s no thinking involved – you just follow along and do what you need to do today. With videos each time if you need them

If you look at the fat loss workouts instead, it’s the same approach, same layout. But there are different and more exercises going on here. It’s a fat loss program, so we’re doing circuits and again we’ve got link to the videos as well so as you can see this is a totally different type of workout structure for the fat loss module than for the muscle gain module.

If we look at the hybrid program, again it’s a different approach. It’s not a circuit, you’ll see that this is more of a traditional type workout. So the amount of variation across the Adonis body workout for each of the modules is really good.

Hopefully it’s been useful just to have a peek in the video of what you get on the inside. I can’t share the exercise videos or programs specifically because obviously they are copyright. But of course, the program does come with a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can actually see the results for yourself without any risk.